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Equipment Guides - Boards

What type of board is right for me?
If you haven't got a board already and are new to the sport there are two things you need to look for, firstly I'd recommend that you go with a twin tip or 'double ended' board. All new boards are double ended however some older ones are not.  The reason for a double ended board is that learning to ride fakie (reversing the direction of the board) is a whole lot easier and this means you will be able to a heap of cool tricks sooner. Also most newer double ended boards are a lot lighter and easier to jump with.

If you have been wakeboarding for a while and are looking to upgrade to a newer board what you choose really should depend on your riding style and budget.  Boards are ever changing with heaps of companies like Hyperlite testing heaps of new prototypes each day.  The best way to choose a board is to test it, any decent wakeboard retailer will have demo boards available for testing.

Another important thing is to ensure you purchase a quality board. There are numerous wakeboarding brands with good reputations that are producing excellent quality boards including budget or beginner models. Many fishing stores, boat dealers and the like will often be found stocking one or two wakeboards, the problem with these is that they are often not recognised brands, overpriced, and prone to breaking. Many come with very dodgy looking bidings that will last you all of 5 minutes. If you are going to go to the trouble and expense of purchasing a new boared do it right and visiti a specialist wakeboard or waterski shop. They have professionlas who will be able to advise you on the best board for you, and most will allow you to demo a couple of boards to get a feel for which will suit you best.

How long should my board be?
Wakeboards come in a variety of different lengths depending on the manufacturer - often a particular model will be avaible in 2 or 3 lengths. The table shows a rough guide as to the length of board that will suit you best. However it is important to note board designs differ and you shoul consult your wakeboard retailer before purchasing to ensure the best sized board for you.

Small Person
125cm - 135cm
Medium Person
135cm - 140cm
Large Person
140cm - 145cm+