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In a word...it is sick!!!!

F4A (Free 4 All) features the usual suspects such as Rob Struharik, Parks, Shane, Chad Sharpe, Kyle Schmidt, Brian Grubb, Danny Harf and new young wakeskate sensation Tim Kovacich.

It features some of the most progressive riding i have ever seen on film.

Shit like crazy inverted off axis grabed shifty's (not a flip - just crazy grabs upside down and behind and then back) Just watching it gives you a nice warm feeling inside, you guys know like ' your happy place '

Also, Brian Grubb is making an absolute mockery of the skill required on a wakeskate. In this video, like others, he makes huge 1 footer wake jumps look really easy, 360 flips, slides everything that pro wakeboarders hit with bindings, wake to wake 360's etc.

But Brian Grubb blew me away with an attempt to land a huge, stalled, wake to wake KickFlip, which he did land but couldn't hold. Still one of the highlights of this Vid.

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the progression of wakeskating knows the difficulty in attempting a one wake kickflip, the skaters out there will know the respect his effort deserves.

The latest Wakeboarding Mag has Brian on the cover smacking a massive 1 footer of a double up. He is the sickest!

But the finale of the Video sees the boys hitting a 25' incline slider gap to a huge truck parked on land (with a pool built on the roof) to a 25' decline slider. Everyone fails their first attempts with kyle Schmidt blowing his knee and Shane not making the decline transition and landing off the truck onto the ground. Of course Parks is the exception nailing the monster on his first shot at it. The crew step it up after this with the coolest sliding you will see.

Check it.

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