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Air Roll: A roll performed using line tension for lift instead of the wake.

Air Raley: The rider hits the wake and allows his board and body to swing up over his head while he crosses the wake. Rider then swings the board and body down and lands on the opposite side of the wake.

Air Krypt: An air Raley except the rider lands in a fakie position (see fakie).

Backside: Same as heelside.

Backside Roll: Rider approaches the wake carving the heelside edge of the board, then rolls the board up over his head and lands in the same direction he started.

Backside Roll-to-Revert: Same as backside roll except rider lands his board in a fakie position.

Big Worm: Front side olé 540 scarecrow.

Bindings: They are the "boots" of a wakeboard mounted onto the board.

Blind: When a rider spins and lands in rotation that he's completely "blind" to the wake or boat. The rider can't see or orientate his landing. It's blind - a blind 360 would be spinning blind to the boat. Tantrum to blind would be a completely "blind" landing.

Boarder: Slang term for a wakeboarder.

Boat speed: The speed is up to the wakeboarder, but it's usually between 18-22 mph. Wakeboarders need a boat speed fast enough to help them accelerate so they can land a move way out in the flats but not so fast that it flattens out the wake of the boat.

Bonk: Rider approaches an obstacle and hits, or "bonks," the obstacle.

Butter Slide: Rider approaches the wake, then hops the board and lands on the edge of the wake with the board sideways (perpendicular to the wake) and slides the board on top of the wake.

Crow Mobe: A scarecrow with a full 360 turn.

Dock Start: The rider starts standing or sitting on the dock and the boats pulls him out.

Double-Up: A term that describes a type of wake that is created. The boat does a wide turn and crosses over the old wake. The rider cuts on the inside of the turn and when the wakes cross each other, he cuts back and hits the wakes coming together. The wakes crossing together form a "double up," virtually three times the size of a normal wake.

Fakie: Riding the board backward. Considered a more difficult riding position for a wakeboarder. Can also use the term switchstance.

Front flip: The rider and board flip forward end over end.

Frontside Roll: Rider approaches the wake carving on the toe-side of his board and rolls the board over his head and lands on the other side of wake.

Frontside Roll-to-Revert: Same as the frontside roll except rider lands his board in fakie position.

Goofy-Footers: Boarders who ride right-foot forward.

Grind: Rider approaches an obstacle and slides the board along the obstacle. Also called a rail slide.

Half-Cab: Rider approaches fakie, performs a 180-degree rotation while crossing both wakes in the air and lands in a forward position on the opposite side of the wake.

Heelside Edge: The edge that a wakeboard cuts hardest on. It is the "heelside" of the board when the rider's heel is closest to one edge of the board while positioned in the bindings.

Helmet: Helmets are required for wakeboarding when an athlete uses the jump as bonk or grind.

Hoochie Glide: An air Raley with a heelside (or method) grab.

Method Grab: Rider crosses both wakes in the air, grabbing the heelside of the board with the front hand while tweaking, or "poking," the board.

Mobius: A normal backside roll with a full twist.

Moby Dick: A tantrum with a blind side 360.

OHH: (other hand hoochie) Hoochie glide, but with your backhand instead of your front hand.

Pete Rose: Front side mobius with a grab.

Rider: Preferred slang term for a wakeboarder. Calling them riders emphasizes the crossover with all other boarding sports like snowboarding.

Roast Beef: While performing a two-wake aerial, rider grabs the heelside edge of the board between the legs with an arm through the legs.

Roll: A rider approaches the wake and rolls the board around and over his head.

Roll-to-Revert: Same as a roll except the rider lands in a fakie position.

S-Bend: Rider performs an air Raley while rotating his body 360 degrees while inverted.

Shredding: Old, out-dated slang term for a rider performing perfect turns and flips.

Slob Heli: The rider jumps the board off the wake, then grabs the board on the toe-side (in front of his front foot), then spins himself and the board 360 degrees and land in the forward position.

Stoked: Describes riders when they are pumped up and confident.

Surface 360: The rider spins his board 360 degrees while keeping it on the surface of the water.

Switchstance Air Raley: An air Raley started in and landed in the fakie position.

Switchstance Wake Jump: The rider approaches the wake riding fakie then jumps from one side of the wake to the other side and lands going in the same direction.

Tantrum: A back flip over the wake.

Toeside: It is the side of the board where the rider's toes are closest to one edge while positioned in the bindings.

Tweak: When a rider puts a little extra on a move ... makes a bigger arc, extends the board farther, etc.

Wakeboarder: A wakeboarding athlete.

Whirlybird: Tantrum with a full-inverted 360 spin.