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A good slide rail must be long enough to get a good slide. Anything less then 20 feet long is too short. 30 feet or more of riding length is ideal. It also must be smooth and stabil or else it won't work.

You will need:

  • Four 20-foot lengths of 3-inch PVC pipe (40 feet and 40 feet side by side in two sections).
  • Four foam floats (one for every 10 feet of slider length).
  • Concrete blocks (as anchors) three blocks per end.
  • Poles or cables (to hold ends down and supports together)

How to build:
Work from bottom up. First, build the floats and go up from there. Build youre slider so that it is no taller than 2,5 feet above the water. Have the ends dip into the water on both ends for safety. Don't leave any exposed screws, bolts, plastic or anything that will cause an injury.

Remember to leave a gap between the pipes with no obstructions for the fins so the board can slide down the middle 50/50 style.