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wake·board (wkbôrd, -brd) n.
A short, very broad water ski ridden in the manner of a surfboard by a person towed by a motorboat.
wakeboarder n. wakeboarding n.

If you want to learn about wakeboarding, you have come to the right place! Wakeboarding in its purest form involves a wakeboarder being towed behind a boat on a stretch of water calm water. The rider stands on "A short, very broad water ski" called a wakeboard with their feet secured to the board with specifically designed wakeboarding bindings. The board/binding setup is conceptually similar to a snowboard, but obviously is designed for use on water.

The boat which usually travels at around 18mph creates 2 waves as it displaces water - theses form the wake. This wake is used by wakeboarders as a ramp, which, with a bit of skill allows wakeboarders to perform jumps and aeriel tricks. Other similplier surface tricks can be performed without the use of the wake.

Not surprisingly Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme watersports in the world and with this growth has come a number of new innovations and ways to ride. These include such things as sliders (stationary structures riders slide along), kickers (similar in concept to waterski jumps) cable parks, where wakeboarders are towed via an overhead cable as opposed to a boat.

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