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Determining which foot forward you are is fairly important when it comes to Wakeboarding - in fact your going to have a difficult time if you are trying to wakeboard the wrong way around. Heres a couple of ways of working out which foot forwards ytou actually are.

Obviously you can be either left foot or right foot forward. Left foot forward is considered normal or regular whereas right forward forward is know as 'Goofy' - anyone know why?

Method 1
Stand with both feet together and close your eyes. Ask someone to gently push you forward from behind. Which ever foot goes forward first to catch your balance is the one you should try putting forward.

This is most effective if you have someone who is asking which foot to put forward and you tell them to stand with their eyes closed and then you take them by surprise and push them forward. This way they can't subconsciously choose which foot to put forward.

Method 2
Another way is to watch which way a person puts pants or a wetsuit on. The foot that they put on first will normally be there front foot for wakeboarding.

Method 3
Try out both! The best way is really to try both ways and work out which one feels the most natural to you. Also remember - your front foot will be the same in all board sports, i.e. wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and even slalom skiing.