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2003 WNZ Presidents Report
25 June 2003

My name is Kevin Carter, and I have taken over the presidency from Richard Paterson, who was one of the main instigators for getting WNZ up and running. He has successfully run WNZ over the past 2 years during which time the Association became an incorporated society.

A little about me
I’ve been in the watersport scene for 20 odd years, being involved in jet boats at the start when Amanda started me skiing in my 20’s. We evolved into tournament skiers (dare I say it) through slalom, barefoot and jump until finally we saw the light and the first wakeboard came on the scene. Since then and mainly due to my sons ability and enthusiasm, we have become increasingly involved in the sport.

This year we have a committed group of people on the committee, all of whom have many talents which may prove useful over the next year. This year should prove a challenge for a number of wakeboarders who will be participating in the Wakeboard Worlds in Sydney in October this year.

My aim this year is to get WNZ behind our boarders and encourage them to actively participate in the sport. To help to get all those boarders that are out there doing their own stuff, to get together as a national group and show NZ what wakeboarding is all about. We also aim to get a winter series up and running prior to the huge task of putting together a team to compete in Sydney.

To do this we need the support of all you boarders and your mates! So don’t give up over winter, drag out the board and join in on the series and drag your mates along to join in.

There are so many boarders out there with a heap of talent- they need to be bought together, so that wakeboarding can be recognised as a ‘sport’. We need to encourage local clubs. Anyone with any ideas to get the sport revved up, drop me a line or phone, we’re keen for any ideas.

Kevin Carter, Ph 09 479 6097 or 021 922 940