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Album Films Announces New Film to be Titled “Asterisk”
6th January 2004

Album Films announced today that it will release a wakeskate title called “Asterisk” in February. The film was shot near Las Vegas and showcases the talents of today’s most progressive wakeskaters.

“Wakeskating is growing and progressing so fast it is hard to make a video, release it, and
say that it is the ‘latest in wakeskating’” said Justin Stephens, filmmaker and producer with Album Films.

Stephens said that the idea for the film quickly turned into a collaborative effort between him and the riders. “I didn’t pick and choose who would came out, the riders did that. They made this film as much as I did.”

“I wanted the perfect location with plenty to do in an all-wakeskate environment, an environment aching to push these guys into the next phase, and I had the perfect spot here in Las Vegas,” said Stephens about the secret location for the shoot. “The guys didn’t know exactly where we were going, but they knew I wanted to get a place with no pressure, just riding.”

“I think that the most progressive moments come when you are with your friends riding and you are in the boat or on the shoreline aching to participate. That is how I tried to set this whole thing up and that is how it was the entire time.”

Stephens continued, “I think even non-wakeskaters will enjoy it just because it has the best athletes in the sport doing what they do best.”

Asterisk is sponsered by Cassette Wakeskates, Hyperlite Wakeskates, Kampus Wakeskates, DVS Footwear, Wakeworld.com, and Wakeboarding Magazine.

A teaser for the film is available to view on Album Films’ website, www.albumfilms.com.

Album Films (formerly Cadmium Productions) is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other current projects include “Relentless”, Liquid Force’s new team video. Past films include Running With Scissors, Boombox, and Metronome. For more information about Album Films, visit their website at www.albumfilms.com.