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The Weatherall Column
August 13, 2004

Its been a crazy season and you all wouldn’t believe half the stuff I’ve done and places I’ve been too.

During the New Zealand Nationals Stacy approached me about doing a bit of a column on what I’m up to and what’s happening in the world of pro wakeboarding! I was thinking ‘Cool, yeah that’ll be pretty easy, I’ve got tons of time on the road! Don’t I??’

Apprently not because here I am sitting in a small town in Kentucky in August and this is really the first opportunity I’ve had to put pen to paper. (Or at least sit in front of a computer with some spare time)

Heres a quick run down of the season so far.

Cathy Williams and I left New Zealand for Florida. Arrived, picked up our truck and our new 24v Tige. No rest time and riding for us, it was straight out on the road to start our road/clinic Tour named the ‘Live 2 Ride Tour’ (L2RTour.com).

Since then it’s been nothing but going hard.

In the last four months we,ve driven 30,000miles, run and been to 60 events, taught 1000’s how to wakeboard or improve what they’re already doing, traveled to four different countries, snowboarded at Mt Hood on the summer glaciers and last week I rode in my first Freestyle Mx Demo at Wakestock in Canada!

Heres a few of the highlights:

Gerry Nunn cuts his hair.
Parks Wins the tour championship again(cause he really deserved it. NOT!)
Froggy Soven kills it at all off the events, and takes the X games crown off Danny Harf! The kid rips so hard!!
Getting hooked up with Honda and getting my first bike.
Coming 5th on the Pro tour
Riding FMX at Wakestock infront of 1000s with Jeff Banks and a crew of Canadian FMX pros!
And the top highlight of the year is
Coming home to ride for the summer!!! Yeah.

Ill be back in November sometime helping the boys at Ballistics with the camp and riding as hard as ever. (Check out www.ballistics.co.nz for details on when Ill be around for some coaching.)

I’m pumped on getting back and riding in NZ this summer. Hopefully Ill get to meet a lot of you hometown rippers too.

Take care and ride like its gonna be your last.

Jeff Weatherall