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The Weatherall Column
August 24, 2004

We'll the Live 2 Ride road tour that Cathy Williams and I have been running is offically over. And its been another super successful year.

In the past 4 and a half months we've coverd over 30,000 miles in our truck and have run over 63 different events. Hundreds of people all over the States and Canada have attended our Live 2 Ride and Girls Learn 2 Ride clinics.

Along the way we have met so many really cool people and done some unreal things!

This past weekend was the US nationals and the second stop of the Vans Triple Crown. Im super stoked to tell you that I placed 2nd and became the first international rider to ever make a podium at the US nationals!

The next month is going to be a super busy one.

Im meeting up with Andrea, Belinda, Brad, Tony and the rest of the Kiwi Krew that are hangin out riding in Orlando. Hopefully we will have some really sick photos for you guys to check out pretty soon.

Then its off to Boardstock in Cali for a couple of days. Up to Lake Shasta to film with Wakeboard magazine and Fox sports. Then to England for the European Masters, then Singapore for the next WWC event, then australia for two days, and back up to Orlando for Surf Expo and the WWA World champs!

Im gonna be so ready for a break after that. And Im hoping that the snow seasons gonna last just long enough for me to be able to get back home and sample some of that snow I keep hearing about.

I hope winters treating every well.

Catch you next time