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Pro Wakeboarders Ride & Slide into Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday 2 February 2005

Wakeboarding fans downunder at Caribbean Gardens will be treated by next-level riding from world class competitors this Sunday 6 February, where the third stop of the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding will be held.

A new "head to head" format will be used at Melbourne’s event, where the finalists are matched in 1 on 1 challenges, whereby the winner moves on and the loser bows out. Bruce Robson, Director of the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding believes that the new format will create tremendous enthusiasm for the spectators at the event.

"The exciting sudden death format causes the riders to psyche each other out and lay it all on the line. Each rider is out to give it their best in each run to avoid being knocked out of the comp – it generates an immense feel to the finals", says Robson. "The kicker and slider element of the competition will distinguish the innovative riders from the rest".

Melbourne’s Ride and Slide competition will feature Australia’s longest floating slider, an 18 metre flat bar raised 2 metres off the water. The course will also house an A Frame slider, a half rainbow and 1.5m kicker for the riders to launch off.

Daniel Watkins, the current leader in the APTW, originates from Melbourne and is expected to perform his usual outstanding routine to impress the crowds. Watkins remains the favourite rider on tour and has popular support to retain his title of Australian Pro Tour Champion. Watkins will offer Melbourne the best that the world of Pro Wakeboarding has to present.

Local riders Chris O’Shea and Troy Mackie are expected to step up to greater levels, heading up against international riders such as Jeff Weatherall, Josh Sanders and Bret Eisenhauer.

Returning to the water after recovering from injury, Justin Abbott will be competing in his first competition after suffering a six-bone fracture to the wrist. Abbott received three operations and still holds screws in his wrist but has risen back up to pro-standards in remarkable time to compete in the nation’s hardest wakeboarding contest.

Event details:
J-Star Ride and Slide, presented by JV Marine.
Location: Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby, VIC
Date: Sunday 6 February
Time: From 11am. Heats, semis and finals will all be held on Sunday.

About The Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding: The APTW is now in its third year, with six national events gathered under the wing of the APTW. Attracting riders from around the world to compete, the Australian Pro Tour is the most important proceeding for the sport outside the USA.

For more information on the Pro Tour, visit the APTW online wakeboarding directory at www.wake.com.au or the Australian Pro Tour website at www.wakeboarding.com.au