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Terms & Conditions  

The Wake.co.nz Online Store is a link between retailers of wakeboarding products (referred to as Suppliers), and Customers. The store facilitates transactions between these suppliers and you as a customer. When an order is placed it is being placed directly with the Supplier who will dispatch your product, and take your payment.

Product Queries / Returns
If you have any queries or concerns relating to a product you have purchased you should contact the Supplier of that product.

Product Information & Photos
In listing a product a Supplier will provide a reasonable level of detail as to the product listed, with the intent of allowing the customer to make an informed purchasing decision. The Wake.co.nz store takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any product information, or photos provided by Suppliers.

Estimated Retail Price
Suppliers may at their discretion list an "estimated retail price" (ERP) for a product they have listed on the Wake.co.nz Store, with the intention of enabling a comparison between the advertised price of a product and the ERP. The Wake.co.nz store takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any pricing information supplied by Suppliers.

Privacy Policy
The Wake.co.nz store collects only the information required for your order to be processed. The information provided will be provided to the product supplier, who will use it to contact you to organise payment and shipping of your order. The Wake.co.nz will not share, rent, lend, or sell this information to anyone other than the product supplier.

Wake.co.nz Newsletter
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Other Questions?
If you have any questions regarding the wake.co.nz store, please email us.

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